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Just Add Water – paintings by Benjamin Anderson

66 Chevy - Oil on linen - 70" x 144" 2005

66 Chevy - Oil on linen - 70" x 144" 2005

Anderson Art Collective Opens Benjamin Anderson Show ‘Just Add Water’

Santa Barbara, CA – Anderson Art Collective will soon be awash with Benjamin Anderson’s vibrant, large-scale contemporary oil paintings depicting a universe where water immerses and transforms the world we know. The solo show, Just Add Water, opens on Saturday, February 27 with an artist reception from 6-9pm and will continue through May 9. The reception is free and open to the public.

In a series of 14 paintings that blend themes of beauty, war and materialism, Anderson uses water as his visual vehicle. Diluting and distorting the lines of perception and beauty, the artist utilizes both realism and abstraction in his vision to relegate the importance of the material world to simple forms and shapes. Finding beauty in the ugly and ugly in the beautiful, the concept of Just Add Water takes on a new meaning in this show of thought provoking paintings.

"water gun (version one)" - Oil on canvas - 19"x52" 2006

"water gun (version one)" - Oil on canvas - 19"x52" 2006

According to a review by art critic Josef Woodard in the Santa Barbara News Press, “Objects and people submerged in rippling pool water, from a group of girls to an underwater spitfire airplane, serve as irony-soaked subjects in the pleasantly disorienting paintings of Benjamin Anderson.”

Trained in Florence, Italy and the SF Academy of Art University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Benjamin’s work was first presented in the De Young Museum of Fine Arts “Emerging Artists Exhibition” of 2001. He has been creating monumental oil paintings since 2002 and has been recognized for his portraiture by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. He was selected by Converse for a national ad campaign as their All Star artist and his work was the subject of a presentation on London’s Channel 4 TV. He has shown work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Italy and most recently in Santa Barbara, California. In addition to his collaboration on the M-E-Y-K Art Kits, he is also a co-owner and co-curator of Anderson ART Collective.

The Anderson ART Collective shows on the 2010 Santa Barbara Art Calendar will each contribute a percentage of sales to non-profit organizations. In 2009, the gallery donated to Unity Shoppe Santa Barbara, United Way, Surfrider Foundation, Talhado Childrens Home of South Africa and the Rio Beni Health Foundation of Bolivia.

"7 girls" - oil on linen 78" x 114" 2008

"7 girls" - oil on linen 78" x 114" 2008

The next show is Rogue Wave II which will open on May 29, 2010 presenting surf related contemporary artwork by local, national and international artists.

Anderson ART Collective is located at 410 Palm Avenue, A2, in Carpinteria, CA in the historic Henry Fish Seed Company building at the entrance to Carpinteria State Beach and is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 5pm or by appointment. The gallery features contemporary artwork by local and international artists and is a platform to promote the arts, to protect the environment and to support human rights. For more information go to or call 805.684.8783.

Gov’t Issue asks Benjamin Anderson what he’s been listening to lately:

Music…hmm: Death from above 1979, Mylo, Cut Copy, Chromeo, Hot Chip, Planet Funk, Rhibosome, DJ Kicks, Solesides (greatest bumps-track 11). We use most of these for our art walls we put on for the public. We play it loud & people start dancing and making art.





Noble American Cookery


Fine New American Cuisine

Seasoned veteran Executive chef Brinn Sinnott has recently taken the helm at Noble American Cookery, after having graced the kitchens of Lacroix, Supper, Amada, and Pumpkin. Noble is located on the charming little block of Sansom Street between 20th and 21st, which is a veritable treasure trove of shopping, eating, and entertainment. On this block sits a little Roxy Theatre, comedy clubs, Italian BYOBs, music and gift shops galore.

The ambiance of Noble is set with the first tug of the heavy door, made from reclaimed wood as is most of the furniture in the classy yet rustic establishment. The bar is made from 400-year-old naturally-fallen bubinga wood. Candlelit tables create an intimate setting.

Starting off with the appetizer of the Seared Scallops will awaken the palette with harmonious flavors of tender scallop, earthy truffle and cauliflower puree, and bright grapefruit. The small burst of citrus blends so divinely with the other textures and the components complement each other so well.

The Gnocchi Parisienne appetizer has a slight crispy shell surrounding a creamy delight inside. It is paired with sliced leeks, juicy trumpet royale mushrooms, and sunchoke puree. I had to reread the menu to figure out what that blissful white cloud that lay beneath the gnocchi, my first sunchokes ever and what a success. Beautifully composed and artfully done.

The star of the evening was the Pan-Roasted Duck Breast. It had a thin layer of duck fat which caramelized and added that wisp of crispness. It was succulent and tender, served on a bed of fried chard and cranberry mole and accompanied with a sage and bacon stuffing. The cranberry mole had that perfect little sweetness and Latin kick that brought the dish to its full potential.

Pan roasted Duck Breast

The rich, decadent dark chocolate oozes from the Chocolate-Pecan tart with a generous dollop of bourbon whipped cream seated on top. The Pumpkin Custard comes in an adorable little brown cauldron with ricotta cream and slightly-oversized black pepper-infused candied walnut. While the idea of the candied walnut seemed right, it was awkward in size and the black pepper flavor was a bit off-putting.

However, the eatery is in a transition period and foodies should be excited about things to come. Inside sources claim the pumpkin custard will be on its way out and fresh new desserts (and other menu items) are on the way. In the warmer months, outside seating is available and a rooftop garden will flourish.

Chocolate Pecan Tart

Noble American Cookery
2025 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA



  • Tues and Wed 5-10 pm
  • Thurs thru Sat 5 -11 pm
  • Sunday 5 – 9 pm


  • Sunday: 11 am – 3 pm

Closed Mondays

Eamo Donnelly – Illustrations from Australia


Eamo Donnelly (Pron. Ay-Mo not Emo) is an Australian based illustrator who is best known for his intricately hand inked, character driven illustrations, infused with an eclectically dynamic colour palette with a true blue Aussie cheekiness. Eamo has illustrated for PLAYBOY, VH1, CBS Interactive,, Maxim, Nike, Mountain Dew, ESPN, Complex, GQ, Men’s Health, Runners World, Blender, King magazine, Redbull, Radar magazine, RipCurl, Monument, Jmag and Golden Plains.

As well as commercial commissions, his love affair for Australian eighties nostalgia prompted him to create personal works that reflected the beauty and uniqueness of the culture he grew up in. These works have been seen on Jeeps for Mountain Dew, wallets for Poketo in L.A, shoes for String Republic in France, t-shirts for Owl Movement, esky’s, stubby holders, clocks, bar walls and street posters and in exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and in the U.S and the U.K. In 2009 he was short listed for best original illustration in the Australian Desktop Create Awards and in 2010 he will be a speaker at Melbourne’s Design Conference AGIdeas. He is also an occasional Australiana reviewer for Melbourne’s online sub cultural guide ThreeThousand.

He is represented in the United States by Gerald & Cullen Rapp in New York and in Australia by The Jacky Winter Group in Melbourne. His work has been featured in Desktop, Computer Arts, EMPTY, Semi-Permanent, the King magazine, Attitude, Acclaim and arts features in The Age.

Australia – Milkbars, Laundromats and Urban Beauty, Melbourne Fringe Festival – Wax Off, Greenwood Gallery – Contains 12 Pcs, Gorker Gallery – Lamington Drive Group Show, The Jacky Winter Group Show, Carlton Gallery – Poketo Australian Series Launch, Robio – No Comply, No Vacancy – Heaps Decent, Kings Cross – Extra Cheeese 1 & 2 – The Forty Thieves, Gorker Gallery – Semi-Permanent Kids Today, MTV Gallery – Annandale Hotel, Sydney – Because We Can, Somedays Gallery – 12 x 12, Ambush Gallery – The Wall, Surry Hills
U.S. – The Wurstminster Dog Show, Portland – Supertrash Film Festival, Portland
U.K. – It’s Nice That, Devon.

“wild life rifle fire” – A collection of concrete poems by Paul Siegell

wild life rifle fire - Paul Siegell

wild life rifle fire - Paul Siegell

Paul Siegell is the author of jambandbootleg (A-Head Publishing, 2009), Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008) and the forthcoming wild life rifle fire (Otoliths Books, 2010). He is a staff editor at Painted Bride Quarterly, and has contributed to The American Poetry ReviewCoconut, No Tell Motel, Rattle and other fine journals. Paul has also been featured in the Philadelphia City PaperPaste MagazineRelix Magazine and Bookslut. Kindly find more of Paul’s work at ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL.

Stereo Love


Being a DJ can be really fun at times; the parties, the attention, the flashing lights.  It can also be a big pain in the ass when you’re going through 1000s of new tracks a month listening for something fresh.  It’s a frustrating task going through all the mediocrity to find the jem but when you do it you know why you did.

That said, this one stopped me in my tracks and put a smile on my face.  It has a Dirty Vegas kind of vibe, a calming effect but still with good energy.  Hope you enjoy this one as much as I do…

I put together an edit that you can pickup here—

“STEREO LOVE” Edward Maya ft. Vika (click to download)

More on Edward Maya @

Hawk Krall – Illustration

"Bush Atrocity" - Hawk Krall

"Bush Atrocity" - Hawk Krall

Hawk Krall resides in Philadelphia where he enjoys drawing illustration and comic art for the print medium.

Publications and Clients include: Art In The Age, Baltimore Citypaper, Bust, Complex, Folio Weekly, Gulaschbaron, Heeb, Hustler, Las Vegas Weekly, Minnesota Monthly, New York Press, Notion, Philadelphia Independent, Philadelphia Weekly, Richie Records, Swindle, Screw, The Stranger, Texas Observer, Typhon, Violent Students.

Mr Krall’s work has also been seen at venues such as Blackfloor Gallery/Copy Gallery, Honeymilk, Padlock Gallery, Objex Artspace.

Hawk Krall Illustration

Life 2.0


Even before all this Web 2.0 business kicked into gear, I found myself consistently overwhelmed by the myriad topics I had interest in, the plethora of information I had gathered, the expanse of links I had attempted to track by straight, old-school bookmarking . . . Even my own offline writings have always frustrated me by being random and un-arranged, without clear relations to one-another or location within the non-existent map of my mind.

I knew some rudimentary HTML back in the ’90s, but when useful web improvements like XML and CSS and RSS came along, I took no notice. I still don’t really know exactly how to put together a podcast. But lately I’ve been learning a lot, trying to bring myself up to speed, and I’m just stunned by the enormous amount of quality web applications for blogging, bookmarking, tagging, note taking, screencasting, etc. etc. I don’t know how to even begin to make it useful for, you know, organizing and sharing my life.

While I agree that a lot of those social sites aren’t appealing, but the idea that unites all of them is, and every so often you come across one that is extremely cool. I think, at some point, the gimmicky quality of individual sites will pass, because before long the participatory paradigm will have seeped into every aspect of the net. For me, all of that Web 2.0 stuff is wrapped up in my recent discoveries of enormous amounts of awesome software and reading about programming and stuff, so I’m on this high where the internet and personal computing in general looks positively utopic. The present looks like the future to me — especially on the Mac, which is the platform for most of the beautiful software I’ve found recently. I’ve got to spend the next year or so learning and purchasing and creating and ultimately refashioning myself as one of those Apple snob writers/designers/coders/philosophers/developers/neohippies. Here’s some stuff that I’ve either found lately or just think is cool (or pretty) as an application. It may seem random. Programs like those various web browsers are there because I have never really looked into alternatives to FireFox (3.5 is bangin’, by the way). In general, you’ll notice that a lot of it involves organizing information and such. Oh, and if you have the Shiira browser, you could open all the links on this page with one click and quickly skim each one.

Web Services: