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Reading Terminal Market Delights

The historic Reading Terminal Market is home to a plethora of locally grown and produced foods. Merchants in ye olden times created this marketplace, the first of its kind in America to have indoor refrigeration, allowing sellers and buyers the chance to be sheltered from the elements during the harsh winter and summer months. It is hard to visit a place like this and not be overwhelmed by the options. Here are some places that are definitely not to be missed.

Shrimp Po'Boy

Shrimp Po'Boy

Beck’s Cajun Café

Chef Bill Beck makes his passion for Cajun and Creole Cuisine come alive in one of the Market’s newest eateries. He says his best customers come from New Orleans who have a hankering for a taste of home, and who say their tastebuds can be satisfied with the authentic foods he prepares. The Chicken Gumbo is quite spicy and flavorful. For a hearty breakfast, try the Breakfast Po’boy, served on a crusty French baguette with a fried egg, andouille sausage and melted, gooey cheese. For the daring, try the Alligator Sausage Po’Boy, it is surprisingly tender though a messy undertaking to say the least. For the seafood lovers, I recommend the Shrimp or Fried Oyster Po’Boys, complemented perfectly with a tangy pickle and a spicy Cajun aioli. Best of all is the Bread Pudding served with a Bourbon cream sauce. Hints of vanilla and crispy bread are reminiscent of the decadence of french toast with a Southern flair.

Grilled Salmon with Red Curry Cream sauce

Grilled Salmon with Red Curry Cream sauce

Little Thai Market

For a cheap, affordable, and authentic Thai experience, the Little Thai Market is the place to go. For $6 or less, the options are endless and the portions are generous. The Grilled Salmon is the crowd favorite, served with a red curry cream sauce over a bed of sticky rice and veggies. Many traditional dishes are also available, such as Pad Thai, Chicken with Basil, Coconut-based and Lemongrass soups, and crab dumplings. The little stand also carries many vegetarian meals and a wide selection of Thai groceries.

Salted Pretzel

Salted Pretzel

Miller Pretzel

For a quick bite, our Pennsylvania Dutch friends offer what is arguably the best pretzel in Philadelphia. They are buttery and crisp on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. They also offer several stuffed pretzels for both breakfast and lunch offerings.  Some of the breakfast options include: the Sage Sausage and Egg Breakfast pretzel and the Turkey, Egg & Cheese or Ham, Egg & Cheese.  For lunch there are lots of sausage and hot dog-stuffed pretzels  and Little Smokies, their version of a pig-in-a-blanket. They also offer lemonade and ice cream. Be sure to catch them Wednesday through Saturday.

Chicken Souvlaki

Chicken Souvlaki

Olympic Gyro

With a chef and owner named Athens, how can you go wrong? Head down to Olympic Gyro for the juiciest Chicken Souvlaki this side of the Atlantic. Served with the quintessential tzatziki sauce (a blend of lemon juice, greek yogurt, cucumber, and fresh herbs), and served on a pita, this culinary masterpiece is guaranteed to delight. Gyros made of lamb and beef are also not to be missed.  Crispy french fries are doled out fresh and hot.  Spanakopita, a phyllo dough layered with feta and spinach is made the traditional Greek way, as is the Baklava, a sweet, honey-infused dessert.

Bourbon Chicken Platter

Bourbon Chicken Platte

Sang Kee Peking Duck

Competing with several other Chinese food establishments, Sang Kee is a cut above the rest with its Bourbon Chicken Platter. Tender chicken served with crisp snow peas, carrots, and bok choy smothered in bourbon sauce over sticky rice.

Hot Apple Dumpling

Hot Apple Dumpling

Dutch Eating Place

This Pennsylvania Dutch food stand serves diner style food including burgers, breakfast foods and fried veggies galore. The definite star of the show is their homemade Apple Dumpling. Served piping hot with a ramekin of heavy cream to douse it in, it’s like good old American Apple Pie in single-serve form.

BBQ Rib Sandwich Special

BBQ Rib Sandwich Special

The Rib Stand

If you are exceptionally hungry for some rib meat doused in barbeque sauce, the Rib Stand’s lunch special is the way to go. The best option is the BBQ rib sandwich, which comes with two sides: mac & cheese, green beans, or roasted potatoes. Hot or mild homemade barbeque sauce comes on the side so you can drizzle it to your heart’s content.


12th & Arch Streets

Monday thru Saturday 8 am – 6 pm

Sunday 9 am – 5 pm

(Pennsylvania Dutch Stands are open Wednesday thru Saturday)

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