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Affordable Eats – Philly Restaurants for under $10


By Deann Mojado

With an economic decline underway, penny pinching is the standard amongst Philly eaters. Although this city is full of foodies, there is a certain reluctance to let go of well-earned shekels unless there is truly something special on the plate. Some of the best eateries in the city have simple but flavorful selections that will barely put a dent in your wallet. Only have ten bucks in your wallet? I offer up these selections, in my first edition of Affordable Eats.

Black N Brew
East Passyunk
1523 East Passyunk Ave

Nestled in the burgeoning neighborhood of East Passyunk, Black N Brew shines as an exceptional breakfast and brunch spot, serving fresh and top-quality ingredients and creative flavor combinations. Seasonal specials change from day to day and breakfast is served all day. The breakfast burrito is a staple menu item, served with a delightful guacamole. For those with a sweet tooth, chocolate chip pancakes with butterscotch syrup are definitely a winner. Fresh, local products incorporated into their menu, and are perfectly paired with a strong cup of La Colombe coffee.

taqueriaTaqueria Los Jalapenos
1800 S. 4th StTaqueria

South Philly being the mecca of Mexican fare in the city, Taqueria Los Jalapenos is the crowning achievement of affordable and genuinely authentic South of the Border surprises. From sopes made from thick pueblo-style tortillas to traditional pork and plantain burritos, their menu is full of scrumptious sizeable meals. For dessert, try the sweet plantains in warmed condensed milk, but be sure to have someone to share it with!

Almaz Café
140 S. 20th St

Ethiopia is where coffee originates, and is known for being naturally sweet and tasty, fruity with citrus undertones. Almaz stands apart from the other coffee spots serving authentic Ethiopian coffee and cuisine. Famous for its vegetarian options, Almaz serves up hearty, belly-filling meals full of spice. Injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread is used to scoop up the peppery tender stews and legumes such as lentils and split peas seasoned with exotic spices. The smoothies are made from fresh fruit and a selection of teas, juices, and ice cream round out this mouth-watering menu.

Soho Pizzeria
Old City
218 Market St

With such a limitless amount of pizza establishments, one may become overwhelmed by the choices Philadelphia has to offer. Soho Pizzeria in Old City takes you back to the old country with its stone oven and crispy crust. With a slight hint of garlic (though not overpowering), crunchy thin crust, and the perfect amount of marinara and mozzarella, Soho’s pizza rivals pies from its namesake, the trendy New York neighborhood.

pizzaRandazzo’s Pizzeria
Graduate Hospital
1826 South St

At first glance it may be missed, a neighborhood pizza spot sandwiched between Pinky’s Café and Fortune Chinese on South Street. But there is truly something extraordinary happeRandazzosning in this little kitchen that serves up Southern Italian specialties. Baked ziti smothered with mozzarella comes with a huge slice of garlic bread and a side salad. Calzones filled with eggplant, spinach, or ham will need to be shared or take two sittings to finish. Their hefty size can seem intimidating. The easiest way to attack a calzone is to cut it in half lengthwise, making it more dippable in the accompanying side of marinara. For neatly wrapped dough with the sauce already inside, make-your-own strombolis are also available. Customizeable for any pizza toppings, it will satisfy any pizza lover’s craving. Oven toasted hoagies and cheesesteaks round out this affordable yet tasty menu.

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  1. 09/21/2009 3:27 PM

    Los Jalepenos is what’s up! I live 4 blocks outside their delivery jurisdiction but they always make an exception for us. Get the Green Enchiladas!

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